Abbi buona cura del tuo corpo, è l'unico posto in cui devi vivere.
(Jim Rohn)



Vitaminic-mineral food supplement Eleutherococcus extract is properly associated to a tonic-adaptogen effect.Vitamin C and zinc help sustain body immune defences , vitamins of group B encourage energetic metabolism; the formula is completed by the Alfa-Chetoglutaric Acid, Aspartic acid, Ginkgo biloba and liquorice.

Alkablend gheos


Food supplement  based on mineral salts combined with a blend of herbs and concentrated vegetable juices,useful for encouraging the acid/base balance  of the organism and its depurative functions.



Food supplement based on vitamins, minerals, Paba and choline. VitaminS B2 and B12, together with copper and magnesium , help sustain the regular functioning of the nervous system.



Thanks to the particular and innovating formulation based on  Tansy, Grapefruit seeds, Garlic, Clover, Walnut Hull and absynthe in  integrated medicine Paraossimix is useful as adjuvant in the treatment of intestinal parasitosis. The synergic action of all components creates the negative conditions for the instalment in the intestine of elements as   pin worms, ascarids and tapeworms.


Gut Mix

Food supplement of  Aloe vera (useful for encouraging the digestive function) con L-Glutamine, Quercetin, vegetable coal, Ginkgo biloba and green tea.



Food supplement of Vitamin C, that contributes to cells prrotection from oxidative stress, milk thistle that encourages the regular hepatic functionality , with L-Cisteine, glutathione, green tea and Beta-carotene .

Sinix Plus

Sinix Plus

Food supplement based of Fenugreek and Gymnema, useful to sustain the correct metabolism of carbohydrates, and other vegetal extracts , combined with chromium  that contribute maintaining the regular levels of glycaemia,vitamins , mineral salts and other synergic substances.

Beet complex gheos

Beet Complex

Food supplement of Vitamin  B3 (Niacin), that contributes contrasting tiredness and fatigue,choline and taurine,with beet extracts, useful for an antioxidant effect , and horseradish with its known digestive properties.

probiomix 20


Food supplement of lactic acids that encourage the balancing of the bacterial flora.