Abbi buona cura del tuo corpo, è l'unico posto in cui devi vivere.
(Jim Rohn)
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    Abstract relatori Convegno 2018

    Abstract relatori Convegno 2018

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    Convegno Nazionale 2018

    Nuove Integrazioni in Medicina Funzionale
    Iridologia - Micoterapia - Sport
    Presso Winter Garden Hotel - Grassobbio (BG)

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    L'ultimo nato della famiglia dei Nutri Mentis. Linea culto di prodotti pensata e formulata per il benessere emozionale dell'individuo.


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    Corso 1° Livello Medicina Funzionale (Indirizzo Metabolico) - Torino

    Data del corso: 13-10-2018
    Scadenza: 16-12-2018

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    Corso di Micoterapia e Iridologia applicata alla Fisiopatologia intestinale - Bergamo

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    Scadenza: 28-10-2018

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    Corso 1° Livello Medicina Funzionale (Indirizzo Metabolico) - Catania

    Data del corso: 27-10-2018
    Scadenza: 09-12-2018


Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine differs from the conventional by its concept of HEALTH : not only as state of physical and mental wellness of the human body as a consequence of the proper functioning of all organs and systems, but also intending health as a state of complete physical,mental and social wellness, due to the absence of diseases and to the presence of a  positive vitality that is unique for every individual...


An all-round high level  training offer for Doctors, Pharmacists, Biologists, Nutritionists and all the professional profiles operating in the fields of Integrated Medicine, Nutrition, Wellness, Sports: Functional Medicine, Functional Micotherapy , Women's world  (Female Functional Medicine), Applied Kinesiology , Functional Psycodynamics and many more...

"Predittive" Medicine

Medicine, as we intend it, can be divided in to four branches: predictive,  preventive , healing and  rehabilitative . Of these, only the first two have a  "predi-ventive" orientation as they explore evolutionary models of diseases not yet clinically manifested . In these eventualities, therefore, you study  the "dysfunction", that is the "sub-clinical", meaning what is "in progress" but is not yet clinically clear .It's the so called  "Functional Medicine", the day before medicine...


It's a Neologism composed from "Nutrition" e "Pharmaceutics" invented  by Dr. Stephen De Felice. Nutraceutics are those active ingredients  naturally contained in food that have positive effects on our health . Spontaneously featured in nature, they often are reduced and sometimes annihilated from industrial treatments. Nutraceutics can be extracts and powders of officinal plants used in the food supplements.