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H.H.S. (Hair Homeopatic System) is a screening method based both on the the knowledge resulting both from HTMA and the awareness of Homeopathic Biotypologies in a modern key.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)  doses the minerals at a intracellular level differing from common laboratory exams  usually done on blood,urine and faeces that, vice versa, gives us data at extracellular level only. Although valid, these can fluctuate do to normal circadian rhythms , to sampling techniques, to physical exercise, to acute o chronic inflammations or, to neoplasms, to stress,etc … Hair Tissue Mineral Analysys (HTMA), instead, isn't subject to fluctuations and is therefore the main test to determine the mineral state of every individual and thereby his metabolic activity. Refering to what was said,the values found in the HTMA are not necessarily superimposable to those of body fluids .It's useful to point out that such analysis aims also to detect  the endocrine response , but focusing on the values refering to the glands functionality  , such as mainly thyroid and adrenals, refer to hormones response at an intracellular level and only secondly to their quantity presence at an extracellular level, as we specified above.

Refering to the knowledge of Homeopathic Biotypologies, made by,among others , by  researchers as Vannier and Nebel, metabolic -psychic – physical characteristics of the different subjects can be integrated  in a modern key of reading facts that, that puts in relation one another different levels of biological expression of the individual(energetic, metabolic and functional, oxidative e inflammatory). The Biotypological classification represents a way of interpreting that through a punctual anamnestic gathering, an accurate anthropometrical evaluation and visit when needed, together with the mineralographic analysis allows to detect the prevailing biocostitutional tendency (Ipo, Normo, Iper, Dis or mixed forms) and consequently classify the patient. Physical structure and personality are deeply influenced by the endocrine function and endocrine glands both in the holistic vision, and in the PNEI interpretation (Psycho Neuro Endocrine Immunology) are not considered isolated structure anymore but in a deep correlation in between themselves . From the functional prevailing of one on the other, even if in the area  of physiological variability  you determine the metabolic expression of a precise biotypology. The knowledge derivating from the HTMA  associated to those of Biotypologies gives us a screening of  different factors that take place in the holistic managing of health; the knowledge of Biotypes together with the metabolic typology  (deduce from the HTMA results) allows to know the typical reaction phase (or diathesic) of the individual useful to modify different factors (Neuro-vegetative regulation, Dysbiosis, Hormonal regulation, Oxidative state, Inflammation phases e Tissue ph regulation and Th1/Th2 relation). You can classify a patient in a moment of his life and design a therapeutic approach that is articulate and rational and also efficient but, above all, focused on detecting etiopathogenesis of the disturb.