Abbi buona cura del tuo corpo, è l'unico posto in cui devi vivere.
(Jim Rohn)
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H.M.D. (Hair metabolic Diet) is a Dietary-Nutritional method focused on solving the Overweight-Obesity problem  (excess of body fat deposit) .Highly scientific and  innovative in his conception, H.M.D. intends the  nutritional modulation  and the metabolic rebalance of of the patient under exam.

With this aim it analyses different parameters, some genetic others epigenetic, summed to:

  • Blood type “AB0”
  • Metabolic typing
  • Allergies – Food Intolerances
  • Acidic Food – Alkalinic Food
  • Cooked and raw
  • Vibrating power of Food
  • Food Chronobiology
  • Food compatibility
  • Disinsulism
  • Hypotyroidism Clinic- Subclinic – Functional
  • Detoxication -Hepatic drainage
  • Hypoadrenalism Clinic – Subclinic – Functional
  • Silent Inflammation

The integration of parameters listed above has given birth to the H.M.D. Method that, unique and original in the elaboration – interpretation of data as well as the hints proposed, has as an aim the achievement and maintenance of the Ideal Body Weight : (% FAT ; B.M.I. = Body Mass Index; W = Waste circumference; W/H = waste/hips ratio).

There basically three ways to gain weight:

1. Gain of Lean Body Mass(It's not a problem, it is is instead one of the main anti-ageing methods, ex.: athletes, body builders etc.).

2. Water retention rise (this is already a problem as it synonymous of hepatic oxidative stress  and generalized inflammation).

3. Gain of fat deposit body mass (it's a major problem both if it's central adiposity or peripherical or mixed).

The Anti Overweight-Obesity Program developed in the “H.M.D.” method  focuses on the correction of the weight gain  related to point 2 and 3. This program is patient-oriented respecting each one's   Biochemical individuality and the causes of being overweight.