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H.M.S (Hair Metabolic System) is a laboratory screening test , and not for diagnosis, aimed to identify  the tendency to major functional and organic unbalances of an individual.

H.M.S. of the subject in exam puts together two variables:

1) Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

It consists in a laboratory exam that, through the  spectrophotometric analysis under plasma emission  of a little quantity of hair(500 milligrams,more or less the quantity needed to fill a half table spoon ) cut on the occipital part or the side-parietal to a length of more or less 2-3 cm  starting from the scalp,is able to evaluate exactly and simultaneously the main levels and ratio  of ”mineral nutritional-additional-toxic intracellular minerals” found in the organism (for bold you use other hairy areas : armpits-chest-pubic-beard and nails).

2) Blood type AB0

Knowing the blood type AB0 of the subject in exam permits, furthermore to personalize dietary-nutritional suggestions and modulate some constitutional characteristics of the blood type of belonging (for those not able to give their blood type we suggest neutral dietary-nutritional tips , meaning the ones valid for any blood type).

Why hair and Blood type AB0

Hair isn't by any means a static tissue . It act for a certain period ,even if having a lot slower recharge if compared to blood,  as a intracellular metabolism register  keeping inside, while it grows , the metabolic products it is exposed to , minerals included.

The blood type AB0 is  determined  genetically and as itself has,as widely  demonstrated from the American researcher Peter J. D’Adamo,  constitutional characteristics  peculiar  for each blood type,concerning the  metabolic-psychic-structural aspects.

The results obtained with Tissue Mineral Analysis reflect the actual conditions and these have to be compared to the  basal condition of the blood type AB0 to which the subject in exam belongs.

Unique in the world health situation,  the H.M.S allows to respect in the dietary-nutritional advices the Biochemical and Genetical individuality of the subject that submits to the test.

Being a metabolic check-up, H.M.S. is nowadays a predictive  and preventive test of major reliability , non invasive and with a quick time of execution.