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The H.T.T. method (Hair Toxic Test) is a chemical analysis  (tissue and mineral) made using spectrophotometry through which you dose the most dangerous toxic metals  that deposit in hair (Mercury, Cadmium, Aluminium, Arsenic, Lead, Beryllium, Uranium).

Already in 1979 the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) studied on a large scale the intoxication caused by heavy metals  through this mineralographic test recognise it scientifically suitable to detect the presence of toxic mineral substances found in the organism.

Through the hair analysis and a DETOX questionnaire (that point out potential negative environmental factors and the toxin overload of the intestine and liver  ) the H.T.T. method ( Hair Toxic Test ) has you evaluate the state of intoxication of organism.


Nowadays our organism, continuously exposed to the action of toxic substances of different origin , reaches a level of intoxication in the moment it's not  able to front  and eliminate anymore  toxins for different causes as :intestinal dysfunction,repeated exposure  to toxic chemical or food substances,environment polluters, endotoxins and more. In time this can take to C.F.S. (Chronic Fatigue Symptom) that generates an alteration in the capability of detoxication of the liver and a greater toxic exposition.

The first symptoms of an intoxication are the most common symptoms as tiredness, depression, anxiety, loss of memory. Other symptoms result from the presence in the organism of toxic substances as the following heavy metals:

Lead: irritability, psychometric defects, hostility

Mercury: fear, hallucinations, loss of concentration, persecution complex, tremor.

Aluminium: loss of the ability of reasoning, general condition of chronic fatigue.

Cadmium: Hypertension.