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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine differs from the conventional by its concept of health: not only as state of physical and mental wellness of the human body as a consequence of the proper functioning of all organs and systems , but also intending health as a state of complete physical,mental and social wellness, due to the absence of diseases and to the presence of a  positive vitality that is unique for every individual. This concepts makes up to the destination point of therapeutic program of Functional Medicine that takes into consideration three of the patient's basic points aiming to be able to formulate a personalized curative program


Every individual is considered such inasmuch, even if looking alike for some aspects  to other individuals, it has characteristics  that make him unique, like, for example, digital fingerprints, the tone of voice,  genetic and metabolic features; this uniqueness  permits the individual to adapt in the most personal way possible to life experiences , to circumstances, to stress, that determine his voluntary activities as: decision making, development of personality and of emotionality , and also involuntary linked to the metabolism of nutrients, cellular processes, to the organs and systems' functioning in his body.


Sensory stimulus that continuously flow into the central nervous system  through the three interrelated aspects of the health triangle (biochemistry, structure e psyche) if appropriate they determine correct movement replies that generate a general state of physical wellness. On the other side, if the stimulus would flow in a flawed way  , they would generate a dysfunction, that carried on with time could turn in to an illness.


The psychologic function of the individual is summed up in his mental scheme or schemes  defined or from the inner memory or from the acquired memory  and is able to generate both a biomechanical and a biochemical reaction , do to the fact, as we previously explained, the three functions  are linked one to the other and interdependent.


mario scarlata

Scarlata Mario

He has been involved in  the Natural Medicine field for more than 40 years, founding Gheos in 1995 (where he holds the position of  President) has been a forerunner in spreading Functional Medicine in Italy.

Dr. Scarlata Riccardo

Director with mandate, has given Gheos organisational structure with the philosophy of continuous improvement of products and services.

Averna Alessandro

Dr. Averna Alessandro

Sales director, Organizing responsible of the sales network and Gheos' training activities (Courses of Functional Medicine, Functional Micotherapy, etc.).

giulia manzoni

Manzoni Giulia

Responsible for Gheos' administrative office 


Amodio Pasquale

Responsible for Gheos' processing office


Pietro Marchesi

Production department