Harzen Fango

HARZEN FANGO Body is a creamy compound based on Gheos green clay , essential oils and officinal plants extract conveniently formulated. red chili pepper resin and the camphor,ginger and carnation oils, explicate a tonic effect getting the product to be a valid alternative to thermal muds, with the advantage that it can be used comfortably at home and all year round.

harzen olio

Olio Harzen

HARZEN OLIO is a sweet almond oil and  wheat-germ oil enriched with essential oils and officinal plants extracts.  The presence of vegetal oils gives the product emollient and conditioning characteristics. Vegetal extracts of Arnica and  Devil's Claw make the product fit to be applied on the body aereas under mechanical stress.


Harzen Gel Fluid

Formulazione a base di estratti vegetali di artiglio del diavolo e zenzero ad azione lenitiva che dona sollievo al corpo soprattutto nel periodo invernale.