Abbi buona cura del tuo corpo, è l'unico posto in cui devi vivere.
(Jim Rohn)

candaid plus gheos

Candaid Plus

Food supplement of vegetable synergic extracts and caprylic acid, with grapefruit seeds that encourage the drainage of liquids and echinacea for the wellness of the urinary tracts



Food supplement based on plants useful to encourage the prostatic wellness and functionality.

psyllium mix

Psyllium Mix

Food supplement of Aloe, Psyllium and Tamarind that encorage the regularity of the intestinal transit , with choal ,chlorophyll and pectin

candimix gheos


Food supplement based on officinal plants as Barberry, Chamomile, Absinthe, Enula and Thyme known for their benefits to the gastro-intestinal functions, associated to Echinacea, that contributes to the wellness and functionality of urinary tracts, pau d'arco and walnut hall, that encourage the depurative functions of the organism, grapefriut seeds, tea tree and other synergetic plants.


F.a. Plus

Food supplement of fish oil that adds DHA and EPA, useful to sustain the correct cardiac functionality, with vitamin E that contributes to the protection from oxidative stress and CLA.

colorelax gheos


Food supplement based on officinal plants as Stachys, Chamomile and Melissa that sustain the natural digestive functions and the removal of excess abdominal gases and encourage, along with hop, heliotrope and escolthia, a physiological relaxation.


Zin Mix

Food supplement of Zinc and Vitamin C, recommended to encourage the normal functionality of the Immune System


Pt Energy System

Food supplement based on vegetal extracts, vitamins and minerals useful to the organism's wellness, sustaining the good functioning of the cellular metabolic processes.



Food supplement based on officinal plants as frangula, rhubarb, cascara and aloe, useful to encourage the intestinal tract regularity, associated to  anise and mint, that help eliminate  abdominal gases , and with milk thistle and dandelion that have digestive properties.