Abbi buona cura del tuo corpo, è l'unico posto in cui devi vivere.
(Jim Rohn)



Food supplement based on officinal plants as frangula, rhubarb, cascara and aloe, useful to encourage the intestinal tract regularity, associated to  anise and mint, that help eliminate  abdominal gases , and with milk thistle and dandelion that have digestive properties.


Kei Plex

Food supplement of Potassium useful to help the correct muscular functioning, with Vitamin A, recommended  in case of reduced supply through diet and increasing need of these nutrients.

cromo gt gheos

Cromo GT

Food supplement of Chromium that contributes maintaining the normal levels of glycaemia, with Niacin useful to sustain energetic metabolism and with Cystein, Glutamine and Glycine. 



Food supplement of Liquorice, Ginger and Aloe vera that encourage the functionality of the digestive system,with Guggul that contributes to the correct metabolism of lipids.


Ra Mix

Food supplement of Copper and Vitamin B6 recommended in cases of reduced supply with the diet or grown need of these elements, useful for encouraging the correct functioning of the nervous system.

fer mix

Fer Mix

Food supplement of Iron, mineral useful for transporting oxygen to the organism, with Vitamin C that encourages its absorption.

dimeos 700

Dimeos 700

Food supplement of Chromium and vitamins  (B,C,E,Biotin),on a base of vegetable ingredients including Fucus Vesiculosus and Camellia Sinensis. Its use is usefull to encourage the correct lipidic metabolism.



Food supplement based on plants useful for the woman's wellness in particular  to disturbs linked to the menstrual cycle.



Food supplement of FOS, inulin and apple and rice fibres associated to psyllium seeds, that are useful to the emollient effect in the intestinal tract, milk enzymes, glutamine, acetilglucosamine and green tea.