Food supplement based on alpha-lactalbumin, theanine, griffonia extract that helps maintain a regular mood tone and encourages the mental wellness, vitamins that contribute to the regular functioning of the nervous system and to the balance of the psychic functions, and melatonin.

This product is made to encourage the mental wellness and restore the mood tone when in particular moments of life was roughly tested. This action is focused and comes especially  through the recover of sleep, seen and intended as a moment of energetic recharge;

meta klim

Meta Klim

Food supplement based on vegetal extracts , among which  garcinia, that encourages the body weight balance,helps check the sense of hunger and sustains the metabolism of lipids, ginseng, that has a tonic-adaptogen action and sustains the regular metabolism of carbohydrates, and green tea, that encourages the drainage of body liquids,combined with vitamins of group B , that contribute to normal energetic metabolism, and alpha-lipoic acid. For its composition it can result to be a useful adjuvant in the diet sphere to check  weight loss.


Psoma Vis

Food supplement based on vetal extracts, contains açai and goji berries  known for their oxidative properties, withania and rhodiola useful for a tonic-adaptogen effect  and, respectively, for mental wellness and for a normal mood tone, in particular in periods of major stress, ginger that encourages digestion and regular gastro-intestinal motility gastro-intestinal, and turmeric and boswellia useful for the functionality of the digestive system.

osteo gheos funzionale

Osteo Gheos Funzionale

Food supplement based on vegetal extracts combined with vitamins and minerals, carnitine, NAC, coenzyme Q10 and phosphatidylserine, formulated in particular for periods of major tiredness and physical weakness. Calcium, necessary for maintaining normal bones, contributes along with vitamin C, Iron, Copper and Magnesium to the regular energetic  metabolism , namely those metabolic processes thanks to which cells produce  energy for the organism; vitamin D, vitamin C e magnesium in addition contribute maintaining the regular bone trophism. Vitamin C, magnesium and iron help reducing tiredness and fatigue; the two vitamins and  oligoelements present (iron, copper and selenium) further  contribute to the regular functioning of the immune system.

trigheos iper

Trigheos IPER

Food supplement  based on vitamins and minerals combined with quercetin, coenzyme Q10, carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid, melatonin and lime, plant known for its relaxing properties useful also to encourage sleep. Vitamin E,copper, zinc and manganese contribute to cells protection from oxidative stress.

gheos pausa

Gheos Pausa

Food supplement based on vegetable extracts,  phosphatidylserine, vitamins and minerals, recommended in particular  for  women . Dioscorea, black cohosh and angelic contribute  contrasting ,together with  red clover, menopause disturbs and along with chasteberry the disturbs of menstruation : calcium, magnesium, zinc e vitamin D contribute maintaining the regular bone trophism , vitamin C, iron and selenium contribute to sustain the regular immune system functioning, furthermore vitamin C and selenium contribute protecting us from cellular oxidative stress while iron contributes to the regular red blood cells and haemoglobin ,and the transporting oxygen in the organism.



Anxiolytic, Sedative for hyper-excitability ad anxiety especially if related to psycho-somatic symptoms. Food supplement based on vegetable extracts useful for encouraging a physiological relaxation, expecially in the case of stress(escolthia, valerian, passionflower), and the mental wellness  (hawthorn ,jujube, ashwaganda), with vitamin B6 and B12, that contribute to the regular functioning of the nervous system, and other synergic substances.

trigheos ipo

Trigheos IPO

Food supplement based on vitamins and minerals combined with Noni juice and green tea, useful for their antioxidant properties and for a tonic effect in case of psycho-physical tiredness and NAC. The vitamins of group B and iodine contribute to metabolic-energetic processes' good functioning, chromium and biotin help sustain the regular metabolism of macro-nutrients, furthermore riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid contribute together with iron and vitamin C to reduce tiredness and fatigue; vitamina , riboflavin and selenium contribute protecting cells from oxidative stress.

tribulus funzionale

Tribulus Funzionale

Food supplement based on vegetal extracts with vitamins and zinc. Tribulus and maca are known for their revitalizing properties especially in case of psycho-physical tiredness , while cardiaca and kudzu are useful for the  regular functionality of the cardiovascular system; vitamin C and niacin help contrasting tiredness and fatigue and contribute to regular energetic metabolism, zinc and vitamin E contribute protecting from cell oxidative stress.

gheos spm

Gheos SPM

Food supplement based on vegetable extracts,  vitamins and minerals, recommended in particular for women, containing dong quai, peony, raspberry and chasteberry useful for contrasting the disturbs of the menstraul cycle, griffonia and melissa useful for encouraging the mental relaxation and wellness, matè and birch to encourage the body fluids dreinage.